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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 12, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> [reading for years -- you. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: two more acorn officials have been fired as the shocking undercover investigation has spread to the organization's washington offices. the u.s. census bureau has severed all times with that organization, and the census bureau and formed their president this evening that the partnership has been terminated. we showed you unbelievable video from baltimore, where workers were attempting to help a man and woman set up a prostitution ring involving underage girls from el salvador. the fallout has now reached the
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washington offices. let's take a look. >> my partner wants to start a business. i do not know if you allow -- and >> if you do not tell us, we cannot help you. >> she is a prostitute. and i do not know -- >> i kind of figured that. they do not want to know where your money is coming. all they want is accountability. >> so i could be the one, basically -- sean: it gets worse. take a look as an official actually suggests an name for the underage prostitution business. >> you can say the name of your company is "pop-in." your consultants. whatever you call your business.
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you have to show something because of the bank. she has to. the other option is, if you put it in your name, she is not on a loan. sean: watch as acorn advised as the young woman who is pretending to be a prostitute how to cheat our tax system. >> you do not have to tell people what you do. >> i have my own company. i provide a service. >> just make sure $4,000 or $5,000 is going to that bank account. you are going to have to write it off. sean: acorn says that these tapes are slanted, but even when the filmmaker gives the acorn officials an opportunity to follow the law, he is pushed to
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evade the system even more. look at this. >> that is what america is based on. goods and services. >> not just any service, and that is why everyone else has denied as. they do not want to break the law. i do not want to be ineligible because i am breaking some wall -- law. >> you can have a business. >> she will not put it on there? that is the reason for us getting the house. >> she can be the sole proprietor. she is making money. whether she wants to sell goods, she is in marketing, she is a market here, anything -- sean: 29 tonight, i am -- tonight, i'm joined by james
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o'keefe, the independent filmmaker. with us also is the woman who portrayed the prostitute, and she is also with i have to give you a lot of credit. where is investigative journalism? tell us how you came up with this idea and how it got started. >> a friend message to me on facebook. she suggested -- she was walking by acorn, and she said, "what if i went in, dressed as a prostitute?" we took it from there, creating a situation as ridiculous as we could. we came up with underage girls. sean: so when it was really your idea to bring this to light. you walk by these offices, you come up with the idea. was it hard? tell us how it all came together. >> it is amazing what girls think about when they are
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jogging. that was just something that popped into my head. i had never seen an office and did not know that they existed, and i'd jogged into the wrong part of town, saw some homeless people and st. ladies, and i put two and two together when i turned around to get back into a safe neighborhood. but if these people went into acorn -- what if they went into a corner? what would come from that? could they get a house or start a business? so we put it to the test. sean: obviously. and you both have come under fierce criticism for this. i want you to walk us through this. beyond the tax evasion and law- breaking and assistants and the fact -- you went into great detail. let's start in baltimore. she said, this is a business
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that uses condoms and services male clients. walk us through how specific you were. importing young teenage girls from el salvador. >> basically, said my girlfriend was a prostitute. when they said that was ok, i took it to the next level and said that i know other prostitutes. i took it to the next level and said they were from el salvador. when they kept saying yes, i kept adding more and more ridiculous, and it escalated from there. sean: so you think this is standard procedure, because they help people with their taxes. >> no hesitation whatsoever. at no point did they stop me or did it occur to them that there is more morality involved. it was business as usual. sean: look, whenever somebody gets into the trafficking of the younger children, any human
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being with us seoul, alarm bells will go off in their head and they will say, well, this is the business you're in? but all they did was offer assistance. what was going through your mind? >> i cannot believe it. how can a woman, who is most likely a mother, be ok, not even faced with the fact that underage girls will be smuggled into the country to be used for a sex business. sean: as answers were coming in, it did you find yourself asking, it is almost inconceivable how someone could act this way? if someone said that to me, i am calling the police that second and telling them to get out of my office. >> well, when we saw them not faced by one thing, we were
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like, wow, i wonder what else we can get. so we pushed and pushed and got everything we asked for as a fake pimm and prostitute. sean: they were fired, and the census bureau did cut ties today. what is your reaction to that? >> i think it is great. standard operating procedure. the trap was set. this is who these people are. it is not manipulation, not entrapment. i'm just going and to show people what goes on behind closed doors. sean: i also want to get into what happened in the washington office. most importantly, one of the biggest aspects is the money factor. how much of your hard-earned tax
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sean: in april, nancy pelosi was asked how she would break obama so far. here is what she said. if you're wondering if she jumped off the bandwagon, here is how she rated health care speech. >> president obama delivered what i believe is one of the great speeches in the congress great speeches in the congress of the united great speeches in the congress of the umy two granddaughters are my life.
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sean: we have been showing the new video of the investigation at acorn's washington offices. but let's look back a similar investigation that occurred in the baltimore offices. we brought you some of the video last night. here is some more. >> the type of business to provide -- make sure there is a code for it. >> a code for prostitution. >> yes, we have to have a name and code number. i am going to get my list. >> you have to make sure you get the right tax code. that is wonderful. >> your business is, a performing artist. that is what you are. >> my ego. >> stop saying prostitute. sean: ok. that same official, who has since been fired by acorn, went even further to help the woman
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posing as a prostitute. take a look. >> you have to have certain clothing. ok. we can write that off. you have to have certain grooming. ok. that can be written off. do you give little gifts, some time -- some kind of present to your clients? >> condoms. we give condoms. >> ok. [inaudible] we can ride out probably at least $9,000. sean: i am joined by the filmmaker behind this video, james o'keefe, and his friend, hannah, who played the prostitute. you get to write off hooker
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boots and condoms. >> they are so kind. sean: when i heard that -- that shocks the conscience. that shocks the conscience. but it is the underrate think -- underage thing. it is about the importation of young girls for the purpose of prostitution. there was no ambiguity. >> it comes from the playbook of saul lewinsky, the community organizer. this is really the application of community organizer psalm lewinsky of against community organizers. sean: are there more takes to come? >> maybe. >> maybe. sean: all right. i can we will get there. jon boehner's office did a study. acorn affiliate's got $31 billion in federal funds.
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we can go through the entire list. acorn was founded in 1970 and have received $53 million in federal funds pumped into a corner under the obama administration. acorn stands to receive a whopping 8.5 billion in stimulus funds. he met people, you heard what they said, and you see the seeming willingness to go along with a prostitution ring. that is taxpayer money. what is your reaction? >> would i like a prostitution ring with underage girls in my neighborhood? no. what i like to support that with my money? no. so that kind of frustrated me. and i think the corruption is deep-set. it goes beyond voter fraud and
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smuggling in underage girls for sex rings. >> what struck me was when i visited those offices, there was a part-time receptionist and one or two of employees there. it looks like you could just pick up shop and work elsewhere. where is the money going? i cannot understand. sean: it is a great question, and one that i think we need a full-fledged investigation into. i wonder if that will come about from your tapes. has anybody contacted either one of you? >> no politician has contacted me, but i have seen on the news various people in congress coming out, saying they were interested in an investigation. sean: you walked by the office and came up with this idea and called your friend.
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why did you know about acorn that made you think there was something and toward going on -- untoward going on? >> all i knew about was voter fraud during the election. registering mickey mouse. but i thought about housing, which was specific to that office. washington d.c. is the headquarters of acorn. and it just kind of -- it just spurred my curiosity. i came up with the idea and did some research on the housing. it would even be possible for us to get away with that -- sean: what was the worst thing you think you learned here? >> that they were willing to aid and abet corrupt people who wanted to harm children. >> they are solis people -- soulless people.
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sean: whenever you come into, i want you to know that there are a lot of americans who really appreciate your willingness. you're 25 years old? you are 20? amazing to have a generation coming up standing for the truth and doing great investigative journalism. you are bringing it back to life. great job. coming up, the tea party express has arrived in washington d.c. we will talk to the organizers. we will talk to the organizers. achoo!
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sean: it all started three weeks ago in sacramento, calif., and
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since then, tens of thousands have rallied around the tea party expressed as at rallies to texas, michigan, and much more. and tomorrow, thousands are expected to participate in a march on washington. the tea party expressed -- express. joining me are the organizers. amy williams and dick armey. welcome. >> thank you. we have a huge crowd, and this is completely spontaneous. this is the largest crowd, more than 10,000 people in a place called new lenox, ill., just outside of chicago. they told me to tell you that they were there because they know obama. sean: i appreciate the
5:25 am
sentiment. we saw what happened. we're debating health care. we had the stimulus. is it just a combination? >> the biggest overall issue is that these are working americans being abused by their governments. officials are calling the mobsters, nazis, being condescending and mean to them. there is a place for government and taxes. it has just gotten out of control. they say leave us alone, get out of our way, let us bring the economy back to where it should be. sean: well said, and i think the same thing. 35 cities in 16 states in 15 days.
5:26 am
>> it will be bigger than we ever expected. we had people all across the path of the tea party expressed saying that they needed to be part of that, and they packed their clothes and folded. it will be time and time again. i do not make anybody has any idea how big it will be. -- i do not saint anybody has any idea how big it will -- i do not think anybody has any idea how big it will be. sean: your idea. tell me why. >> my commitment has been to create small, responsible government and large, successful economies crown out of private enterprise. i watch this government continually erode our god-given right to be our own people on our own terms.
5:27 am
i want to stay here and fight against this horrible, monsters cancer that grows on america. is such a burden on the people. sean: one thing that so impressed me, and i understand the organizers and speakers, the people getting up every day, these are kids to go to school and pay their taxes and obey the law. those are going to be the speaker's tomorrow, correct? >> absolutely right. this is a movement going in america, in local communities. a couple of weeks ago, they said, let's bring our sunday school plan. and as i said, you are bringing people along the way, sang, hello, this is important. this is our chance to take a stand for america as we know and love it. sean: this feels like the 60's
5:28 am
or 70 pass what i did was a kid. the same feelings. >> and the invisible hand of freedom is taking on divisible foot of government. we're tired about being kicked around. [applause] sean: congressman, i think you're ready to be reelected. >> this is the energy. you have seen it all along. you can not contain this energy for freedom. >> one thing i will tell you, we knew we were onto something when we had a whistle stop in east texas after leaving dallas. we were expecting 50 people to 100 people. we pulled in, and there were over 800 people.
5:29 am
we had to be escorted in by the highway patrol. we knew there was something brewing ban. -- then. no money can purchase the fire in the belly that these people have. that is why they are here today. sean: they have inspired and motivated me, making me feel that we can stop obama care and reckless spending. i'm very proud of you. everyone there standing for freedom and liberty, god bless all of you. thank you for coming on and being here. coming up, more shocking video. it has been confirmed by the senate. when we come there was a time i wouldn't step out of the house without my makeup. now, it's no problem. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone
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sean: last night, on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, john kerry attended an event where he said the 9/11 commission report found that we suffer from a failure of imagination. we need to close the imagination gap on climate change and help people in vision and new threats. and this is a guy who wanted to
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sean: in a mostly partisan vote, the senate confirmed the regulatory czar. we have been telling you about this outrageous news four weeks, including his belief that animals should have the right to an attorney and the right to sue humans in the court of law. now he has been caught on tape saying this. >> [inaudible] they might acquire those rights which never should have been held from them but through the tyranny. a rational animal. sean: a horse is more rational than a baby. that is what the regulatory czar wants to listen to?
5:35 am
that is pretty amazing. now, the latest member of the radical team, ann coulter is back. animals should have the right to an attorney. he also went on to suggest that animals should have the right to sue humans and be issued a court appointed human attorney. >> right. this is a mainstream liberal. peter singer, a professor at princeton, argues that we should be killing disabled babies but guerrillas should have rights. unless they have committed a crime, they should not be in a zoo. and justice alito had written a piece from some newspaper comparing the slaughter of pigs for food to the homeless cause.
5:36 am
peta complains about a donkey's sent by the plo to blow up an israeli human beings, because of the dog. not because of the israelis with the doctor was carrying the bomb to kill. -- who the donkey was carrying to kill israelis. there are no rights for a baby in a womb, but for a donkey. sean: one week ago tomorrow, the day after 9/11, they were railing against u.s. imperialism and offering solidary for arab and muslim americans. we have the science adviser speaking out in defense of compulsory abortion and sterilization. he wants to ban hunting. we have another history of radicalism that we have discussed in details.
5:37 am
what are we to take from this? >> this is mainstream liberal thinking. they try not to say in front of the children. but do not think -- don't think that this is just one wacky guy, just one troops -- truther. sean: and the most convincing prostitute -- >> that was the most unbelievable thing i have ever
5:38 am
seen. she has perfect skin, a gorgeous hair. sean: and she gets to write that off. >> these young right-winners are so magnificent. sean: how about a takeover journalism, which is now coming back to life because of bloggers and talk radio? it is an amazing thing that pulled off hear about acorn -- they pulled off here about acorn. they are scheduled to get $8.5 billion from the stimulus. >> ok, stimulus. but they were getting money from congress. who is getting money? the agency. what are they doing. sean: i have a file that is thick with different agencies
5:39 am
they get money from. >> and they have to raise our taxes. they have just cut that budget to the bone. sean: joe wilson called obama liar. he was right on immigration, just on abortion, just like on whether it would cost anymore or cut medicare. we are right, the president is wrong. so the president says this, and joe wilson, by the way, now they are digging up the dirt, but guess what they found out? he admitted to being a drug user. he has admitted to taking no-do z. caffeine pills. that is all they can get on this guy? but they are targeting him.
5:40 am
>> i do want to make a point. he yelled out, "you lie." that was the best part of the speech. and when president gave addresses to the joint sessions, and the rule was that nobody talks. no applause, no shouting out or standing up. that is not the rule anymore. the democrats will give standing ovations, you cannot say that republicans have to set new to. otherwise, it should be paid for by the dnc. it is not fair where only one side is allowed audience response. if you do not let anybody yell out, you do not give standing ovations when he is lying. sean: if republicans force him
5:41 am
to apologize again -- harry reid did not apologize for calling bush a liar or any democrat who did the same thing or worse. i want republicans to back this guy up. he has apologized. leave him alone. if you want to support congressman wilson, i have a link on my website. >> i was at a tea party today, unlike you posers at fox. you guys sit in a nice comfortable chair. sean: i have been working since seven in the morning. i have been to tea parties. god bless. let not your heart be trouble. the great american panel is a straight ahead.
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sean: that is a live picture on new york city's palin of the tower of light. eight years ago, the worst attack in history. joining us is the assistant director at the women and paul 6 -- politics institute an american university. julia pisciltelli is here. he was an adviser to george bush and is founder of the resurgent republican. ed gillespie is back. andbrent bozell. prostitutes, al salvador, two cities, more to come. >> it is devastating, and it
5:47 am
shows the power of the internet. the world knows about it. people are going out there and telling the truth. this is what conservatives have been saying about acorn for the longest time. this is a suspect organization with millions of taxpayer dollars. if this president gets reasonable intelligence, serious democrats to speak up and start investigating things, -- if this does not do it, i do not know what will. sean: should they get more tax money, ever? >> no. they should be investigated by congress. this is our taxpayer dollars at work. it is outrageous, and if congress does not act to look into protecting our interests, they are irresponsible, and people know it. >> reasonable folks look at this and say it is ridiculous.
5:48 am
you cannot think something is going on here that does not have to be looked at. we do not know if this is going on in every office around the country, but absolutely we have to look into it. sean: george bush was called every name in the book. al loser by harry reid and john kerry and ted kennedy and john murtha and nancy pelosi. a big fire storm this week over congressman wilson. he called him a liar. he was right and president was wrong about immigration. the question i have, is this just feigned outrage by democrats this week? >> you are right, there was a lack of outrage at all of the ad hominem attacks against president bush when i was there. i worked on the house floor, i worked for the president. there is legitimate criticism of the obama's beach, and it was very political. he contributed to a partisan
5:49 am
atmosphere in the chamber, which i do not think was appropriate, but as wilson said himself -- sean: the apologized. none of these democrats have apologized. and the media did not call him out. >> what good would it do? they still are after him. they want him grovelling, and they still will not accept it. but look, and he should not have done it, and those of us defending him could say that, but the minute the speech was over, out of the chamber, i did not want democrats telling it to republicans. whee thought booing george w. bush was tapes list -- tasteless and we denied it. -- denounced it. two wrongs do not make a right. sean: he said he is sorry. let's move on.
5:50 am
>> by the way, the president did lie at that speech. it has to be brought up when they get before the chamber and live. -- lie. >> there are a lot of issues that presidents have gone into the chamber and told a white lie or explain something one way that did not turn out that way. he was absolutely not honest the other night -- he was totally honest. >> immigration is covered, abortions are covered, medicare is cut. >> there is a house bill, there is work in the senate that is not done yet. sean: so that bill, not the one that we read, is what we count on? >> there's a lot of work to come. and you know that you can center somebody for what wilson did.
5:51 am
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♪ lean on me, thanks. ♪ when you're not strong... ♪ ♪ >> ♪ and inçç the middle of ts fiery hell great heroes -- brave heroesçç and in disguise of pennsylvania -- in thwç skies of pennsylvana
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on a plane bound for destruction çóiuh the devil and his people behind the wheel ♪ sean: that is our buddy, charlie great american panel. eight years ago, george bush said the world would hear from us, and it defined his presidency. ççthe 9/11 commission said thy were at war with us. we were not at war with them. sending them to bermuda or the cutting defense, we're going back to that pre-9/11 mindset that the commission talked about. >>çç yes. we have not been attacked, thankfully, thanks to the brave men and women on the front lines since september 11. ççi feel that there is a lullo a false sense of security, which i can tell you having served in
5:57 am
the white house is a false sense of security. sean:çç do you think is righto give miranda rights to the detainees? closing gtmo? sendingç themç to resorts? cutting defense, when we have an enemy that the 9/11 commission says is after us? >> nobody is talking about that. çsean: ,ç obobama and a prima1 mentality --çç and a pre-9/11 mentality? >> how is he doing that? ççsean: cutting back on defen. >> we are still looking for osama bin laden. there are things that we still have to continue doingçç that started in the last administration that must continue. >> we are remembering 9/11. one thing really hits home.
5:58 am
been awfully critical of the bush administration, and we had our differences, but what that man didçç on 9/11, 2001, thats something that history will take him for. the popular culture has beenç coolç to this man and vicious o this man, president bush. history is going to be very kind to him,ç becauseç history is g to look at how he looked at this versus the way this administration is looking at this, and i think we're going to haveçç a situation. sean: how many cia directors said we got more intelligence from that!dhen all of ourç othr things combined? >> and overall the judgment of career prosecutors to look into this in 2004. this in 2004.
5:59 am
çsean:ç here is my question. barack obama will no longer use the phrase "war on terror." do you agreeç withç that? >> the war on terror was because we cannot declare war on a particular country. sean: and this president wilé >> that is my fear. we are moving awayçç from ourr footing, and i fear it is a mistake. >> i have never liked the term "war on terror." "war on terror."


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